Skilled Independent Visa

If you are wanting to apply for Australian permanent residency based on your skills (gained through education and experience) then this visa is right for you. You are required to submit an expression of interest (EOI). Once EOI is submitted, your details are available for Australian Employer, State and Territory Governments as well as the Australian Government to view. Depending on any available vacancies, any of these authorities will be able to extend an invitation to you to formally apply for your visa. You must be able to prove the minimum points you claimed when you submitted EOI.

Your spouse/partner and dependents can also accompany you to Australia on this visa either at the same time or later when you commence studies. This is why you make sure to include all your family members on your visa application whether or not they accompany you at the time. Please note, in order to qualify for this visa, you must be under 50 year of age at the time of visa application. Other skill assessment, English language competency, character and health requirements are also mandatory.

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